If it’s not about the tools and technologies, why is there so much push-back?

So, in the Government 2.0 discourse, we’re constantly saying that “it’s not about the tools and technologies.”  Rather, it’s about a shift in the way we do business — a shift to collaboration.  So why is it so tough to get organizations to adopt collaborative tools, mindsets and practices?  Why are so many organizations pushing back on using […]

The “unorganization” phenomenon

Over the past few weeks I have come across a number of projects and initiatives being led by “unorganizations” — groups of people who come together for a common cause, but who are independent agents and not a formal corporation, organization or association of any sort.  The first was, of course, the recent unconference that […]

Social Media 101 Presentation

Here is the Social Media 101 presentation that I gave this morning as part of the the Advanced Learning Institute’s Social Media for Government Social Media 101 Pre-Conference Workshop. [slideshare id=1185070&doc=socialmediaforgovernment3-23-09-090323112920-phpapp01] Ken Fischer and I then co-led the workshop and he did a great presentation on Information for the Greatest Good.  I am looking forward […]

A Few Valuable Social Media & Government 2.0 Resources

I just finished up at SXSX in Austin, TX. There was so much amazing content and conversation that it was truly overwhelming. A few sessions that I found particularly noteworthy were: Charlene Li’s talk about The Future of Social Media Networks (Twitter #sxswfsn) and her assertion that social networks will be like air — everywhere and all […]