What’s going on out there?

What’s going on out there….and how does it change your business?

There are tremendous changes going on out there: changes that are turning our world on its ear; changes that are infiltrating every aspect of our society—the way we live, the way we work, the way we interact; changes that are challenging many of the basic assumptions of our culture.

What’s more: these changes are happening at exponential rates.  Bigger, faster, cheaper bandwidth has enabled the invention of completely new tools and technologies that enable us to do things differently. In fact, they encourage us to do things differently.

Social media tools are big deal. Not because they are trendy or hip, or because they have catchy names like “Twitter” and “FriendFeed,” or even because one-third of Americans are using them every day. Social media is a big deal because it’s changing the ways in which we interact and communicate with one another—our most basic human behaviors.

Social media provides individuals, businesses, and media organizations the same access to information and the same abilities to communicate–it levels the playing field. You, too, can have influence that rivals the most widely-syndicated columnist and the most-remembered Super Bowl ad. The price: participation, collaboration and authenticity.

Social media is, at its core, a cultural shift. The world is evolving. Your current customers and employees are using social media and it’s changing their interactions and their expectations. They’re no longer waiting for the broadcast, they’re engaged; they’re participating in the conversation.

Your future customers and employees don’t think like you do. Those coming of age today are Digital Natives: they have only known a world that is digital. They know that all information is available at the touch of a button. Their expectations as employees and customers are different than those of previous generations: participation, collaboration and multitasking are their way of life. Digital Natives are tomorrow’s corporate, non-profit and government leaders. Tomorrow has already started.

To continue to be successful into the future, it’s imperative for organizations understand the attributes of the evolving digital landscape and then identify how to most effectively participate.

MiXT Media Strategies can help you to understand and embrace the dynamics of social media, participate in the present and create the future.